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Certificated reproduction


Painting with certificate = certificated reproduction, which means a copy of the original. The copy – reproduction is made by a combination of machine and hand work. Usually at the back side, there is an own hand signature of the author and the reproduction number. Every reproduction has its own number, so it is a limited edition, where every motive can be done maximally in 100 copies only. On customer´s request, the copy of the picture can be suited to individual size demands and further you can ask for your personal dedication by the author. The whole process takes approx. 3-4 weeks.


Wine – Exclusive limited edition

"From the land of good people, from fruitful vineyards in the heart of Slovácko, under the supervision of wise farmers, top Moravian wines rise and ripe in the archive cellars of Šardická residence of the Augustinian monastery, founded in 1742.”

FEEL FREE TO CHOOSE YOUR EXCLUSIVE NUMBERS OF TWO WINE BOTTLES FOR 499 CZK ONLY! Every package contains in addition the exclusive CD Ráj bláznů. The advantageous price is valid for the combination of wine Rulandské šedé and Merlot. You can find the tables with the available numbers in the limited edition below.


Karel_Gott_cislovana_celek_800xIn the cooperation with wine producing company Neoklas, a.s., which follows the long-term tradition of the order of Augustinians of Brno, who were operating in the past in the village Šardice, at the local baroque residence from 1742. They were the first to plant vineyards in Šardice and to start with production of variety of wines. They were convinced about the fact that the location in the heart of Slovácko will together with suitable land and climate conditions offer possibilities for rising of quality wines and this proved to be right. Vineyard paths such as Červenice, Dubový, Kameny, Úlehly, Hejdy have always belonged among the best ones.…


Delicious wine


Delicious wine has always belonged to good taste. It means an expression of pureness, kindness, honest work and sedulity. All of these attributes have lead to creating of outstanding wine sorts, produced by Czech and Moravian wine farmers. Why shouldn´t we brand such a noble drink, as wine definitely is, a seal of master craft? Chardonnay and Modrý Portugal are the answer. The flag ships of quality wines, with original vignettes with paintings of Karel Gott. From many sorts of the cultivated wine, the experience wine farmers first chose the best ones, then tasting followed and first after that, the wines have been added to our offer. The continuous control secures and keeps high quality at every production step and manipulation almost until the wine is served at your table. Hereby you get a unique opportunity to enrich your wine collection with unique Bohemian wines Karel Gott, which surely will become not only a festive experience, but rather your passion. The wines can be purchased in our e-shop (the order has to be done by a person older than 18 years). You can find out more about the care of production of our wines at www.vinarstvimutenice.cz


Karel Gott and coffee



Who would not know the fame of the Dallmayr family, who operated an exclusive delicatessen trade in the centre of Munich in Bayern already before 1933. This year became a breakthrough year, because in this year, the young sales person with coffee, Konrad Werner Wille from Bremen came to Munich in Bayern with the task to create a special coffee departure in the delicatessen house of Dallmayr. Under the motto “Bremer art of mixing and South-German coffee affection” he developed a coffee sort of the highest level. He bought raw coffee, served the roasting machine and organized the sales. He created special mixes and supplied leading cafés and hotels. At the beginning of 60ties, the biggest and most modern coffee roasting facility rose in the Munich quarter Giesing and the trade mark “Dallmayr Coffee” became a term in whole country of Bayern, but especially the very fast growing special sort called prodomo (translated: for own house), which Konrad Werner Wille developed in that time. Nowadays, Dallmayr coffee, together with its own top trade mark prodomo belongs to leading mark products on the German coffee market.