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Personal data security

Using of the server www.karelgott.tv does not require entering of any personal data. In case the server visitor is interested in using some of the special services of the server www.karelgott.tv, he will be asked to provide a simple registration, with a part including some of the basic personal data. The data security is estimated by the following articles.

Some of the data provided for using of the server www.karelgott.tv have character of personal data according to the law nr. 101/2000 of the code about personal data security in the statutory text (further only law). Our company follows this law completely and puts every effort to securing personal data of the users of the server www.karelgott.tv.

Using of registration data:

  • The registration requires entering of some important data with the view of further communication with the customer.
  • All of the information provided by the user during his registration are saved on a secured server.
  • The provided information is only estimated for the responsible staff of our company and they will not be provided to third persons.
  • The server www.karelgott.tv and his operator reserve the right to use e-mail addresses of the clients in order to send information about news and new services of the server www.karelgott.tv. Every registered user has the right to prohibit sending of such news by the server www.karelgott.tv whenever he requests. He can do that already at the moment of the registration for the first time or by sending an answer to any of the sent messages.
  • Our company puts every effort to securing personal data of the users of the server www.karelgott.tv against abuse and the data will not be provided to third persons. This obligation does not cover data which the Czech police or other state institution may require according to the valid regulations
  • In case of competitions or similar activities, the server www.karelgott.tv may require also further personal data from the participants, which are necessary according to the valid juridical regulations to prove identity of a personal taking part at such competitions, or depending on the arrangement, to let eventual winners know about the win or to distribute the results according conditions published in advance. These extended data will not be provided to third persons.
  • Any information that the user of server www.karelgott.tv provides to third persons at the occasion of purchase of merchandise, services or other activities via server www.karelgott.tv, are secured according to the regulations of the suitable partner and are not included in this statement.

User rights of server www.karelgott.tv

According to the law regulations, every user who provided his personal data, has the right to request the information about which personal data the operator manages. The request has to be provided in written form.