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Dr. Martin Šuster about the paintings

Against the wind, First Kiss - these are names of the paintings by Karel Gott. The singer catches in the oil paintings his feelings: “In the evening I sit down in front of the canvas and until the next morning, my hands call up a picture. Yes, I paint my sorrow, which oppress my soul. The paintings are mirrors of my character,” Karel Gott says and he tells about what he would like to represent by his paintings. And the artistic psychologist Dr. Martin Schuster provides his expressions to five of the paintings – without knowing that the author is Karel Gott.


Radan Wagner about the paintings

Paintings by Karel Gott belong in the frame of the works of painting singers or actors to those better succeeded. They are quite good created in the handcraft, they seem sincere and they do not try to reach big gestures. But on the other hand, they are considered and in a wrong way moved to the stream of the current art by the numerous audiences and unfortunately also by some gallery leaders. This damages both Karel Gott and the good taste.


Doc. Pavel Šamšula about the paintings

The paintings of Karel Gott do not have any grade, it´s just a noble hobby of a singer… Many people paint this way – I used to know an old man who did it even in a better way.. Though I am not a musicology person, the musical popularity of Karel Gott is surely deserved, he has devoted his whole life to music. The genius of art is not concentrated in one person at the end of the 20th century, as it was in the times of Leonardo da Vinci.


Jiří Anderle about the paintings

Why do paintings of Karel Gott wake a response at the audience? Of course, the reason is that the admired “Golden Voice” is painting. But it´s also because of the fact that the paintings include something exciting, which only paintings by autodidacts and insite-painters may have. Because only they have the privilege of negotiation of borders of style and genres, so they may express the things they experience in an intensive way in their lives.