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Exhibitions, vernissages, fashion show

Exhibitions we organize present the long-term painting work of Karel Gott. From the presented reproductions, you can follow stories of his life, his dreams and imagination of the artist, but you can also follow how he developed through the years and how he improved his painting technique to perfection.

The whole collection contains more than 40 works. Very impressive are large-sized works, which offer much wider scale of the look into the artist´s soul and we can understand his perception of the world.

How can we further develop the theme of paintings? We chose an unusual form and started cooperation with fashion designer Iveta Řádková, who created extraordinary models of dress with motives of chosen paintings. We open every exhibition with a festive vernissage, where we offer the visitors a combination of several perceptions at once, while we influence taste and smell cells with a choice of selected wines from the collection Karel Gott. If you think about arranging an exhibition or would like to hire the fashion collection of dresses, we are pleased to provide detailed information.

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Photo: BVV, Alan Pajer