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Mimoň, Town museum 16.9. - 11.11.2012


Mesto_Mimon_BigSunday afternoon in Mimoň belonged to the opening of the exhibition in the local museum. A huge number of visitors could meet Monika Žídková, who has won titles Miss of the Czech Republic, Miss Europe and Miss of the Millennium and The most sympathetic Miss of the history. Monika has accepted the invitation to the vernissage and has taken the long journey from her home to Mimoň, we would like to express our thankfulness for her doing this. She has gained the visitors immediately by her naturalness, elegance and charm. The dress named "Café Dreschler", which Monika was wearing, has risen her natural beauty even more and became a jewel of the vernissage in Mimoň. The vernissage was opened by the mayor of Mimoň, Mr. František Kaiser. The curator of the exhibition, Mgr. Zdeněk Kohák presented the attending guests the more than 40 years lasting art of Karel Gott and further interesting pieces of art, which are also a part of the exhibition in Mimoň. Pictures from the vernissage and further information from this event will be available for viewing on this website within some days. Pictures from the prepared exhibition, directly before the opening, can be viewed in the gallery HERE .

Photos can be found here in the article.

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We would like to invite all of the fans and admirers of Karel Gott to the exhibition of his painting reproductions into the Museum of the town in Mimoň. You can look forward not only to view the paintings, but also the dresses with the motives of Karel Gott´s paintings , or the exhibition following his professional and private life. The exhibition will be helt from September 16th to November 11th 2012 on both floors of the Museum of the town Mimoň..

The town of Mimoň

znak-mimonThe town of Mimoň is situated in the district of Česká Lípa, underneath the mountain region of Lužické hory, in the Ralská highland. One of the inflows of Labe - the river Ploučnice - runs through this region, as well as the Virgin stream - Panenský potok. The oldest archeological founds in Mimoň and its surroundings come from the younger stone age and from the bronze age. Since the 5th century, the first Slavs appear here and close to the important business way in the 13th century, the small custom town is rising. The confirmation of custom rights by Charles IV. in 1371 to the then owners, Jan and Václav of Vartemberk, meant huge business development and contribution into the town and owner´s cash box. Already in 1505, Mimoň has been mentioned as a town. The huge development of the town has also come after 1651, when the domain was sold to Jan Putz of Adlershurn. According to the father´s heritage, the sons let built the chapel of the Saint grave, a brewery, a hospital, a town hall and rebuilt the castle and the parish church. In that time, the town composed of 3 districts: the own Mimoň, village of Okrouhlá and village of Šibeničná. In 1681, all of the three parts were united and the composition of the local authority has been stated. After that, several owners have exchanged, the last owners of the domain of Mimoň were until 1945 the Hartigs.

letecky-pohledThe closest recreation regions are Doksy with the Mácha see and the region of the Lužické mountains. The Ralská highland creates the bridge between the border regions of mountains and the Bohemian inland. Mimoň is mainly surrounded by an area of the military exercise grounds in Ralsko, with quite large areas of mainly pine forests. The region of Mimoň is a famous mushroom picker paradise. After the cancellation of the military actions, this region becomes, thanks to its natural beauty treasures, an area offering lots of touristic possibilities. Also several marked bike paths lead through this area. The former military airport is now used for landing of ultralight airplanes and hang-gliders. The surroundings of Mimoň has been characterized by a structure of settlement sites, which are evenly set into the rather agricultural landscape.

The museum of the town Mimoň

bozi-hrobThe museum has been created in the frame of the Czech-Polish project "Tourism development in the border area. Touristic using of Złotoryje and Mimoň.“ In the newly reconstructed historical building of the former hospital, the visitors will be able to enjoy the prepared permanent exposition, focused mainly on the history and nature of Mimoň and its surroundings. The historical part will include the periods of the prehistory and middle-age and the period from 1516 to 1948. The natural scientific exposition will be divided into the fauna of vertebrates and invertebrates and the botanical part, which will be made of the herb garden in the surrounding of the museum. The space outside will be completed by the renovated statue of St. Jan of Nepomuk, which was formerly a part of the sand bridge.

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16.9.2012 - Exhibition

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