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Kopřivnice, TATRA museum 1.5. - 1.7.2012

Koprivnice has welcomed Karel Gott at the occassion of the dernissage of his paintings in the Museum TATRA Koprivnice. We are bringing you the first news from the media and we are currently preparing a complete picture gallery, which you will find here within a few days.

Photos can be found here in the article.




From the beautiful spaces of the Museum TATRA, we are bringing you exclusive pictures from the vernissage of the exhibition. The vernissage was opened by the Managing director of the museum, Mr. Lumír Kaválek and the curator of the exhibition, Mrs. Lucie Žáková, together with Mgr. Zdeněk Kohák, the exhibition organizer. The vernissage was accompanied by the music of Stanley´s Dixie Street Band. The vernissage was attended by more than 350 visitors, who could enjoy also a wide choice of refreshments. The visitors left with the feelings of excitement over the works of art by Karel Gott in the combination with historical cars. The exhibition will be held during the months of May and June.

We regret to inform you that the vernissage will not be attended by Karel Gott. For more information, please contact the Info centre of the Museum TATRA Koprivnice and in the info below.


thumb_znakkoprivniceWe would like to invite you to a very interesting exhibition which we are preparing for you in the unusual spaces of the TATRA Museum of Kopřivnice. The exhibition will be installed among the historical cars. A festive vernissage will take place on the May 1st 2012 from 14:00. During the exhibition, new works of art from the recent years will be presented, such as the painting: St. Therese´s ecstasy. The entrance tickets into the museum will serve also for visiting the expositions of the exhibition. The tickets to the vernissage will only be available in the limited number of 500 pieces, because of the limited space capacity of the museum. Unfortunately, the spaces of the museum cannot accommodate more than this number of visitors at the same time. If you need more information about the tickets and the exhibition, contact the telephone info line: +420 556 808 421.

The exhibition will be on display from May 1st to July 1st. Contact: Museum TATRA Kopřivnice, Záhumenní 367/1, 742 21 Kopřivnice e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , tel: +420 556 808 421

web: Museum TATRA Kopřivnice

Town of Kopřivnice

The beginnings of the town of Kopřivnice can be dated back to the stone age. A hill called Kotouč u Štramberka located in the vicinity of the town is an archeological place of discovery of the path of the settlements and bones from as far as 40 000 years before Christ. The town of Kopřivnice itself has been grounded back in 1621, where it was plundered by Valach troups, lead by Adam from Vítkov.

Nowadays, the town of Kopřivnice is well-known mainly due to the automobile industry - namely "TATRA". It could seem that the manufacturing industry estimated the flair of the town, but the opposite is right - - Kopřivnice offers a lot of tourist attractions - such as the view point of Bílá hora, Laššská educative path, Raška´s view spot and many others...



The Technical Museum TATRA Kopřivnice

Soon after the end of the 2nd world war, with the help of the leaders of the town Kopřivnice of that time, one of the historical buildings (the villa of the family of the carriage grounder - Ignác Šustala) has been estimated in Janáček Gardens for the needs of the newly rising museum. The native of Kopřivnice, Emil Hanzelka has moved his private collections here and he started to create the exhibiton of the at that time called „Lašské museum“. On August 24th 24. 8 1947 the museum was opened for the first time to public. Since then, the museum has been filled with many exhibits where the most known was the automobile Präsident, which double-cylinder motor has been started as a part of the demostrative show in 1974.


Kopřivnice and The Technical Museum Tatra was also visited by the Czech president of that time, Mr. Václav Havel and on September 30th 2004, also by the current president Václav Klaus, who was awarded the citizen ship of honour of the town of Kopřivnice in April of the same year.




Foto: Archiv www.karelgott.tv